Mary Day 2001

August 15, 2001, Cherokee Landing State Park, Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma

Mary Day pot luck supper Mary Day pot luck supper Mary Day pot luck supper Mary Day watching the sun and incoming storm Mary Day icoming storm
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This year our Mary Day Get-to-Gather started with an open house at 10 AM on the 15th, until we left to go to Cherokee Landing State Park on Lake Tenkiller (Oklahoma).

We had people visit from California, Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and of course Oklahoma.

Annie received a message from Mother Mary (below).

My dear children,

I come today in joy. This is the tenth year you have gathered together as I've requested. I am grateful for your faithfulness and loyalty. You have been filled this day with peace. It is my desire that you carry peace with you throughout this year. You have been filled with joy, at the request of my son, Jesus, so you may bring joy into your world. You have been filled with love. It is God's great pleasure to love you just as you are.

There is no need, as you know by now, to seek God's love. It is yours without condition or limit. He loves you when you don't love yourself. He loves you when you have a difficult time liking yourself. He loves you when you feel disconnected from everything and everyone. It is my desire that you hold these truths in your mind, so you may be open to God's love. Most of you remember it some of the time, but I would have you realize this all the time. It is out of His love, that you are healed, that you live, that you will transform, first yourself and then your world.

Peace is the answer to my prayer for you. Allow yourself to settle differences, where you can. If you find yourself in a situation where the other person or people are not agreeable, then it is your duty to settle the differences within your heart. When I ask that you settle all differences, I am not asking you to condone, or accept bad treatment. I am asking you to simply walk away from such treatment. I am asking you not to hold onto any ill will or grudges. I am asking you to forgive and live as peaceably as you can. Always working toward total peace of mind, peace of heart, and a peaceful soul.

Most of all today I ask that you live in joy. That you have as much joy in your life as you can muster. That you live to enjoy life, and not battle life. It is our prayer that you find joy in all situations and circumstances. You do this by deciding to enjoy life and all the situations in your life. Bring enjoyment to your loved ones by observing the small courtesies. Do this through your smiles, your laughter, your humor, your wit, your encouragement, and your support.

Support yourself in all things. Many times you give yourselves a difficult time through self-criticism, self hate, self doubt. Support yourself in all things through your prayers. It will be through your prayers that you find the spiritual support that your soul craves. When you have learned to support yourself it will be easier to support your loved ones, and all people in general.

When you awaken in the morning set it into your mind, that this day will be one of joy and peace. It may be that different circumstances will cause you to become upset, but shake it off quickly. My son said, to agree with your adversaries quickly while you are still in their presence. This means you do not battle with yourself, life situations, or others. It means that you agree with yourself, your day, your work, your family, your life.

It does not mean however, that you do not take care of yourself, or hold an opinion or choice. It means you make your choices, put forth your opinions in capable ways, without bringing discord to the issue. You can disagree, without a battle, without anger, and without having discord.

As you go about your life, you may find issues and situations from the past arising from the dark recess of your soul. Remember my children, these are coming into your awareness in order that you will resolve them, forgive, release, and go beyond. So many times you think you have forgiven, or that you have already resolved past issues. Then to your surprise, it rears up and is brought to your full conscious awareness. You wonder why, or you become discouraged, or begin to chastise yourself for not doing a good job in the first place. What is happening is that you could easily have more memories coming up at this time, because you are ready to do the work. Or it could be that you have done all you can for your situation, and are now working towards helping humanity heal some of the issues common among all people.

For instance, if you are now working to help humanity heal unresolved anger, and you think this has been completed, and yet you find yourself asking, what is still bothering me? Then remember that it has not been completed in humanities' consciousness. It requires many of you to heal your own lives in order that humanity will become peaceful. It will take many of you to find the peace that stills the heart, quiets the mind, and silences the soul in order for there to be peace on earth. The more of you who become peaceful, the more peace seeps into the consciousness of mankind.

When you bring more joy into your life, you also help humanity to find joy in life. Seek the humor in all situations, in all things, and in every circumstance. Have a good time with life. Learn to find pleasure in the sunset, the rain, the grass, the animals, and most of all when you interact with people. Learn to enjoy the silence of meditation, the sound of prayer, and the laughter of people. Many times you think it is the laughter of children that should be enjoyed, I ask that you enjoy the laughter of innocence, the laughter of joy. Realize there is laughter in ridicule, or sarcasm, but that is not enjoyment, that is bad treatment.

Seek to have God's love, peace, and joy in your daily life. Do it to the best of your abilities. It does not have to be perfect, it needs to be done with good intentions. Seek to celebrate life and all the situations of your life. Seek to fill your time with prayer, then release your prayers to God. Many times you pray and pray and pray, thinking it is better to pray long and hard. Now I ask that you pray with faith, with peaceful intentions, and with a heart filled with love and goodwill. I ask that seek to find the joy that is awaiting your attention and acknowledgment. These things are not only your blessings but your lifework. For out of your efforts all of my children will come to know God. Thank you for gathering together, now go in peace and joy.

Mary, Mother of Jesus