PALight LED Flashlight

This kit has everything needed to make and use a radiation measuring device. The KFM (Kearny Fallout Meter) is for measuring dose rates from 30 mR/hr (0.03 R/hr) up to 43 R/hr. This simple instrument has undergone rigorous scientific testing in several laboratories, including the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Reliable and available today, a KFM is charged electrostatically--no battery is needed. Size 3" diameter, 3-1/4" height. This a kit, assembly is required, but everything you need is included. The kit was designed to be assembled by a junior high age student.

  Here's a unique little item. A palm-sized flashlight that always stays on, because it draws so little current that you don't have to turn it off. When you need more light you press the button, when you need even more light you press it again. Pressing it a third time activates a strobe light mode for emergency signaling. Pressing the button a fourth time turns it off (to the always-on mode).

The PALight works off a single, standard rectangular 9-volt alkaline battery that powers a high intensity white LED (light emitting diode) bulb. In the "always on" mode it will run continuously for over 2 years (20,000 hours) off the standard battery. In the always-on mode you can stand it up on end and it makes a great "night light." In the low power mode it will run for 200 hours and provide light that can be seen over 20 feet away. In the high power mode it will run continuously for over 20 hours, allowing you to see up to 100 feet away, and can be seen for over 1/4 mile away. The "strobe" mode can been seen for over 1/4 mile.

It is housed in a molded soft (sanoprene) plastic case. It weighs only 3.1 oz and is 2-7/8" x 1-1/4" x 15/16". Stock color is black. Limited lifetime warranty (does not include the battery).

It is great for your car's glove compartment, women's purses, emergency kits, first aid kits, etc -- and makes a great gift for anyone.