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June 2, 2002 Prophesy

Shirley MacLaine asked Annie to be on her radio talk show and to discuss Mary's Message and Mary's predictions. Annie asked Mother Mary for the latest predictions. They are:

Annie ask

I call upon Mother Mary to please give me some new information and prophesy for our future. I will be speaking on the predictions in a little while and would like something to tell people about these next few years beginning with the rest of 2002 and then so forth. What did you mean by saying that 2012 would be a monumental year?

Mother Mary answered

My dear daughter, it is with pleasure that I come to you today. For truly you have set your own issues aside. You realize it is the first time in a very long time, that you asked for this type of information. Let us begin.

My dear children,

Since Annie has asked specifically for this information, I will tell you what to expect in the next few years.

Let me explain first that these changes, which are taking place, do so in the normal pattern of growth of creation. Before, I taught you that all things come as the tides do. Have you ever stood with your lower legs and feet in the ocean? If you have, you have felt this normal pattern of growth. It comes forth with a surge and then retreats with equal force. There will appear to be times when more and more is happening on earth as far as weather and nature. But the changes are happening in every area of your world. The changes you call earth changes, are happening to every part of earth and life on earth. So when it appears that nothing is happening in nature, look to the weather to see the changes, or to economic or governmental or religious changes taking place now. This is all part of the earth and every area, everything that is on, or of this earth will change drastically.

For the next several years, all about you will be wars, regional and at times they will grow to seem to encompass the whole world. But that will not be so. These wars will be different from any war fought previously. You have already seen evidence of this in the last year or so. What you call acts of terrorism, are actually acts of war. No longer will all wars be fought with a definite line of demarcation. Many wars will be fought where one or both of the warring parties will not have a real identity, or more like a definite identity. It will seem that small groups of the disenchanted will rise up and commit acts of terrorism just for the sake of creating havoc. So expect to have such acts of aggression create much fear and panic. Most often they will strike at times, and in places, and in ways, not thought of before as acts of aggression.

This year you will have one huge storm come in off the ocean in your eastern seaboard. It will be one of the largest to come through in known history. In the next two to three years more volcanoes will become active. This activation of volcanoes lets you know that the inner earth is unsettled and that the magma is coming close to the surface of earth. These volcanoes are not the ones to fear; it is the activation of the super-volcano that will destroy many parts of the world. There is one becoming active and preparing to explode even as we speak. But the number of volcanoes that will become active will be more than usual. There will be other storms of large size which will hit many parts of the world. There will be a storm to come out of the Indian Ocean and decimate the lands of India and other smaller nations island.

In your country this will be a hot wet summer. You will feel as if you have been given a steam bath before the summer is over. Rain will fall in the desert areas. They will have record rainfalls. In other growing areas it will be too much rain which will affect the growing of crops. It may be that there will be scarcity in some food groups. It would be wise if the people of this nation would take up the hobby of growing foods, even a few vegetables, and plant more fruit trees.

Many areas will suffer mud slides, so as the rain increases during this time there will be an increase in these mud slides and in flooding of unusual portions.

In the next few years, whenever a new wave of increase and intensity of storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes comes, they will increase by a large ratio. It will be a definite change and not a slight one. So for a year, or several years, it may seem that nothing is happening; then out of the blue there will a tornado that has gone beyond anything that has come before, or an earthquake that has gone off the scale. Then there will appear to be a period of normalcy and you will think that was so unusual it will not happen again. Then in a few years another storm, or a large volcano or a larger earthquake will happen again. This is how it will be.

In the years 2003 or early 2004, there will be a great earthquake in Mexico which will rock one of the largest cities of the world. In those same years earthquakes will multiply in frequency in all parts of the world. China will be hit hard and many will lose their lives. Earthquakes will happen in Turkey, India, the South Seas, Africa and in Russia.

In the years 2005 or so, a large volcano will explode in the South Seas, and another will happen in the furthest northern reaches of this country. This year will bring with it unseasonable cold to many nations of the world. After this year (2005), it will appear that things will have slowed down. Yes there will still be another increase in the unusual as far as weather goes. But your danger is always from yourselves. From your fellow man and his aggressions.

2006 and 2007 will bring the greatest danger of a world war. Many nations will be fighting among themselves and then there will the aggression of unknown sources, or a better term would be new sources. Pray much to avert this time. At the same time there will be increase of rain and thunderstorms of unusual proportions.

2009 will be the year that the earth will have more turmoil than usual; people will lose their lives through natural disasters and through acts of aggression. Large numbers will return to spirit.

2012 is the year that all things collide and explode into a new era. It is the year you are in danger from outer space. From things that come to you from these regions and land on earth. A meteor of large portions will come either close or fall on earth during this year. It will be a replay of history. This large meteor will be so large it will change earth and all who are on earth in a flash. This will also be the era of the turning of earth. Of a time of great change in lands and land areas of oceans and the displacement of oceans, of the rising of new lands, and the settling of old lands beneath the sea.

Now this is predicted, but understand that you can change much through your prayers and through your love. You can do more to affect your world than you know. When I speak of love, I do not speak only of the holding of the thought of love, or only of being kinder, or helping your fellowman more. I speak of all of this and of forgiving, becoming peaceful inside yourself. Of spending more time in prayer and in meditation. This is what you can do to avert many of the things in your future, but realize that we do not stop evolution. You cannot stop growth; you don't have to experience that growth in a disastrous manner though.

I call you to change your inner life. If you are unforgiving and hating any person then stop, forgive them and yourself. If you are not living in inner peace because of addiction or past abuse, forgive. If you are filled with anger, resolve it. If you life in fear, eliminate it from your life and trust in God. Go within; cleanse your heart and mind of all that keeps you from experiencing inner peace, and all that is not loving.

Pray, and pray, and prayfor yourself, your loved ones and for your world. Yet never forget that you are spirit and that your life on earth is temporary and not at all your entire life. For you live eternally and when you die on earth your spirit lives. You and all of us were created as spirits in God's image and likeness. Human is your temporary condition; spirit is your permanent condition. Love yourself unconditionally and love your loved ones, make peace with estranged family members ... and yes, this means you. Forgive all things, for nothing is more important than this. You came to bring peace to earth; you do it one at a time, one life at a time. You can live in peace now. You can have a bright future now, it takes your prayers, your belief, and you changing and cleansing your inner life.

Thank you for listening to me this day. Pray, love, be at peace.

Mary, Mother of Jesus