Annie Kirkwood's talks, lectures and workshops

Annie Kirkwood's Workshops,
Seminars, Talks and Lectures

Author of Mary's Message to the World

Annie has a wide selection of talks and workshops that she has given in the past and others that she has been directed to do by Mother Mary. These include:

Love/Forgiveness Workshop
(5 hr min, normally an 8-hour intensive workshop)

In this experiential workshop, Annie shares the teachings she has received from Mother Mary concerning the importance and nature of forgiveness. This material is in her new book, Mary's Message of Love. Annie will take you through the inner process of forgiveness. Be prepared to receive new ideas and thoughts, to take an inner journey to incorporate the new teachings into your life, and leave with a whole new way of approaching love.

Heal-the-Healer Workshop
(a full weekend, 2-1/2 days)

This workshop is co-facilitated with Connie S Cornwell, M.A., L.P.C., L.M.F.T.

An experiential workshop created for people working in the healing profession. We invite doctors, nurses, massage therapists, healing practitioners, and anyone whose work is about healing.

Mission statement for the Heal-the-Healer Workshop:
We can only take our patients or clients as far as we have gone. In our commitment to our work it is paramount we continue in our personal healing as well, ever unfolding, and expanding our ability to love ourselves and each other.

The first Heal-the-Healer was held at the beautiful Tresskwood Retreat in Peggs, Oklahoma in April 1997.

Peace Workshop (4 to 6 hrs)

Prayer and Meditation Workshop (4 to 6 hrs)

How to be Spiritually Prepared (in conjunction with Byron's Preparedness Workshop) (3-4 hrs)

Talks and Lectures:

Byron Kirkwood's talks and workshops

Byron Kirkwood's Talks and/or Workshops

The author of the Survival Guide for the New Millennium
and How to Get Started in Your Own Business for the New Entrepreneur

Preparing for Earth Changes
(talk is 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hrs, 2 hrs for a workshop)

Byron discusses what the Earth changes are as told by the seers, prophets, futurists; why to be prepared; how to address the issue of fear associated with Earth changes; safe areas and the Earth change maps; the three time periods; how to prepare for emergencies; how to prepare for survival; and other things you can do to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the coming times.

How to Get Started in Your Own Business for the New Entrepreneur
(4 hr workshop, prerequisites mentioned below)

This is a workshop to help people start their own business. It is particularly intended for those that have never been in business for themselves before. The attendees needs to have some idea of what business they want to start and have read Byron's book of the same title. A major portion of time has been set aside for answering questions. Attendees should prepare questions ahead of time.

Basic criteria for the above workshops. Normally these are held at the request of a sponsor that handles all arrangements; including scheduling the event, finding a suitable location, promotes the event, handles all upfront travel and out-of-pocket expenses, and may share in the profits. The sponsor will normally establish the pricing for the workshop or event.

For more information, contact Annie at 918-696-2401.

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